How to use Creator Coin Hub to display Rogue Energy alerts on your live stream

by mrq02

The objective of this article is to teach you how to set up an OBS browser source to display a pop-up alert on your stream whenever someone uses your Rogue Energy affiliate code for a purchase. Before beginning, you will first need to be a Rogue Energy affiliate (of course) and have a copy of the e-mail they send you when your affiliate code has been used. If you are new to the affiliate program and haven't received a code yet, I recommend making a purchase yourself so that you can see how the entire process works. Once you have that e-mail, come back here and proceed onto the next step.
Once you have the email, after signing up for (or logging into) Creator Coin Hub, click the email icon in the menu on the left, and then click Settings in the submenu that appears.
After you have clicked on Settings, at the top you will see a button that says "New Email". Clicking on that will present a form that you want to use for your new "" e-mail address. If you want to use this e-mail address for business, you certainly can, and if you checkmark Forwarding Enabled, you are able to put in your personal e-mail address in the field below it to have any e-mails sent to that address automatically forwarded to your personal e-mail address, allowing you to use your personal e-mail, but mask it with an alias (meaning you can publish this e-mail address publicly and keep your private e-mail address private). For the sake of this tutorial, forwarding is not required. Once you've entered your chosen e-mail address into the field, click Submit and it will refresh the page.
Once you have created your new e-mail address, you need to set up automatic forwarding on the e-mail address you used to sign up with Rogue Energy (you can actually use this e-mail directly within Rogue Energy, though we recommend turning on forwarding if you do). We will walk through how to set up automatic forwarding on Gmail, but it is generally outside the scope of this tutorial, and we recommend googling how to set up automatic forwarding for your platform of choice. In Gmail, open up the affiliate e-mail. Near the top right of the e-mail, there will be 3 vertical dots. If you click on those, you will be able to click "Filter messages like this".
This will pop open Gmail's "Filter Message" drop down. Unfortunately, it's not very smart, so you'll need to ensure that it has the correct Rogue Energy "From" e-mail address (sometimes it is pre-filled, sometimes it is empty and will need to be copy/pasted from the affiliate email). You will also want to copy/paste the subject of the e-mail, so that you're only forwarding affiliate e-mails, and not all emails. Once those two fields are filled, ignore the blue button. Click the greyed out "Create filter" text instead.
On the next form, click the "Add forwarding address" button, and then add the newly created "" e-mail address, check the box to "Forward it to" that email address, and then click "Create filter"
It should look similar to this once the filter has been created.
This will send an approval request e-mail to the newly created e-mail address. Click the Contacts icon in Creator Coin Hub.
The approval request e-mail will be at the top and will contain a link from Google that you will need to copy/paste into a new tab to approve the e-mail using the on-screen instructions provided by Google. This process should forward all future affiliate e-mails to the newly created e-mail address, but may not send existing ones. Click on the Events icon to see if there are any events there.
Hopefully on the Events page, you will see an event of source "rogue_energy" and of type "affiliate_code_used". Due to the way the OBS browser source is set up, you will need at least two events to be able to test the process. If you have fewer than 2 events, just forward the e-mail manually to the newly created "" email a few times until at least two events exist. The email forward process isn't instant, but should take 5 minutes at most. Once there are at least two events, click the "For Streamers" icon in Creator Coin Hub.
This will display widgets, as well as the Inner Market; a marketplace for streamers to buy/use assets created by third parties. Click Widgets at the top to narrow the search. Find the "Rogue Energy Widget" and click "More".
This widget was made by me, and is provided as-is free of charge (though if you feel like paying more than $0 and buying me a beer, I wouldn't say no!). Hover over "0 USD" and it will change to "Add to cart". Click that button.
This will refresh the page, and the number in the cart will increase from 0 to 1. Click the cart, and complete the check out process, making sure to enter either your personal e-mail address, or your newly created e-mail address. It will e-mail you a personal customized link that you will need to click to add the widget to your account. Once you've received the e-mail and clicked the link in it, click the "For Streamers" icon again.
Then click "My Widgets" on the submenu, and then click on the widget "Rogue Energy Overlay". Put in your affiliate code, copy/paste the "Browser Source/Pop-out" for the OBS browser-source (I recommend a width of 600 and height of 400), and select an Image from the dropdown (you can customize things later, once you've seen how it works).
Technically, you are now finished. But of course everyone wants to see it function, so they can fiddle with their OBS placement and sizing, as well as customize any colors or text. In order to test, you'll need to open a new tab, and navigate back to the list of events by clicking on the "Event" icon.
Again, you'll need to have at least 2 events in the event list. The first one can be anything, but a future one will need to be an "affiliate_code_used" event. Copy the Event ID for the very first event, and then paste that into the "Last Hash" box of the widget, hit save, and then refresh the source in OBS.
If the "Last Hash" box isn't empty, then every time the browser source is refreshed, it will replay every event after the one entered into the box. So for testing, each time you refresh the browser source, it will again play the "affiliate_code_used" event and show you the pop-up. Once you have completed testing, be sure to empty the Last Hash box again, and click save. Otherwise every time you start a stream you're going to go through every event again and again.
Please let me know if you have any questions, or other widgets you might like created! I can be found on Twitter and Discord. Have a great day, and good luck with your stream!


How to display Rogue Energy alerts on your stream