• Listen Together

    Interoperability with Nightbot's API to listen music separately together. Upcoming: 0% complete.
  • Online Storefront

    The ability to list items (physical or e-mailed) for sale for creator coin. Upcoming: 90% complete.
  • Historical Data

    The ability to chart past prices/values of your creator coins.
  • Subscription services

    Recurring donations. Upcoming: 0% complete
  • Paid Tournament Hosting

    Attendees pay a fee in CC and play out a tournament. Winners get a share of the fees. Upcoming: 0% complete
  • Paypal Donation with creator coin Kickback

    They donate $50, and receive $5 of creator coin. Upcoming: 20% complete
  • Combined Donation Goal

    A way to have a donation goal bar that moves regardless of whether the user donates bits, creator coin, or USD. Upcoming: 0% complete.
  • Affiliate Marketing

    Money brought in via an affiliate code receives part of the income. Upcoming: 0% complete.