Why choose Creator Coin Hub
Just a few of our benefits:

Visual Brand-Free Site Builder

There are multiple base themes that you can customize, and you can create all the additional pages you wish. AND have them locked down so they're exclusive to select parts of your community.

Aggregate Reporting

On your various dashboards you can see how your campaigns are going and view engagement and income statistics at a glance.


We have widgets that can be used on stream or on your site, for a more custom look to both.

Automated Interactions

When an event occurs on one platform, you can fire off a webhook to another platform. For example, flash your Philips Hue lights when someone subscribes at Tier 3 on Twitch. Or send someone a thank you e-mail when they hit a 1 year subscription anniversary.

Built-in Self-Branded Shop

Sell digital or physical merchandise, for flat fees or with reserve "pay more than" pricing. Including print-to-order drop-shipped merchandise!

Customer Relationship Manager

We know it's difficult to carry on conversations with community members across several platforms. That's why we aggregate the conversations as well as the income. Now there's no need to remember who is who with their differing usernames; we remember them for you!

Weighted/Gated Polls

Create a poll that only your followers or subscribers can enter, and give extra weight to certain entry types of your choice.

Revenue/Expence Tracking

Enter your revenue and expenses, so that you can keep track of your monthly burn rate.

Weighted/Gated Random Draws

Create a Random Draw that only your followers or subscribers can enter, and give your subscribers (for example) extra chances to win!

Pricing Plans

Start for free, then add a plan as your stream grows.

We are currently in Alpha Development, and so all plans are currently FREE!

Brand New Streamer

All the basics; mostly pay-as-you-go.

FREE /mo

Buy Hobby

What's included

  • Everything!

Small Streamer

Best value; everything you need and nothing you don't.

FREE /mo

Buy Freelancer

What's included

  • Everything!

Large Streamer

This is for full-time streamers who do it all themselves.

FREE /mo

Buy Startup

What's included

  • Everything!

Giant Streamer

This is the package if you have employees.

FREE /mo

Buy Enterprise

What's included

  • Everything!